Molinberry recipe post - Strawberry Shortcake

Date Posted:24 October 2016 

Strawberry Shortcake recipe from MolinberryMolinberry have recently posted one of their own recipe ideas for everyone to try.

To make their Strawberry Shortcake recipe:

5% Milkshake

3% Milk Cocoa

7% Strawberry (Your choice of Sweet or Wild)

3% Creamy Cake

Run the recipe through your favourite calculator to build it to the VG/PG ratio and nic level that you prefer and off you go!

Would recommend that you let it steep for a couple of weeks (if you can!) to let the cream and cake flavours really come in to their own.

I have now set up a page for recipes on the site - check 'em out for inspiration for your own mixes!

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